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Welcome to the official site for information about bird recording in the Outer Hebrides!

Why Submit Records?
It is vital that every birdwatcher within the recording area submits records to the county recorder. Apart from the slightly egotistical reason of seeing your name in print, the most important reason for submitting records is that they allow a detailed picture of the distribution of bird populations within the area to be built up. Over time, any fluctuations in populations can be monitored and action can be taken if the population of a particular species starts to decline.

Records collected from the Outer Hebrides area form the basis of the county bird reports. The Outer Hebrides area consists of: Lewis, Harris, the Uists, Benbecula, Barra and the Outliers including the St. Kilda group of islands, see map.

Obviously, there are vast numbers of birds within the area, so the more observers that submit records, the more detailed the data will be. From twitchers, to regular patch watchers, to casual bird watchers, it doesn’t matter how insignificant you may think your sightings are, they all make a valuable contribution. For example, both Dunnock and Rock Pipit are under-recorded in the county, and it’s not really known whether or not the populations are stable.

Finally, and most importantly, it should be borne in mind that the presence of a particular species of bird can help to stop unsuitable developments at a site. If your local patch is built upon and you’ve never submitted a record, then you’ve only got yourself to blame!

Hopefully, you are now convinced that submitting records to the county recorder is worth the not-so arduous task of sitting down for a few evenings entering records onto BirdTrack or a spreadsheet once a month or quarterly!

You may also be able to help with our Requests for Information on sightings of rarer birds for which we have no information or has yet to be substantiated by a description. Should you have any information on such sightings, please take the time to contact us. It would be very much appreciated.

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