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  • When here in the Outer Hebrides and looking at a bird, have you ever wondered how rare it is? The status of all species can vary enormously from island to island. How rare is Shoveler on Barra, has Stock Dove been seen on Harris, does Dotterel occur on Benbecula in the autumn, and how common is Blue Tit on North Uist? Well, fret no longer! The Status and Distribution of birds here on the Outer Hebrides has been completely updated and summarised for every species and each of the main islands and outliers. Available now as an online resource at https://status.outerhebrides-birdreports.org/ or via our shop

common crossbill

  1. Hawkeye

    Local Rarity 7th June 2021

    Western Isles / Outer Hebrides bird sightings for today, 7th June 2021. Updated throughout the day Butt of Lewis A *Red-spotted Bluethroat* was seen there his afternoon at the base of the flagpole in the lighthouse compound. A *White-billed Diver* was reported nearby at Port Stoth Knockaird...
  2. Hawkeye

    3rd February 2021

    News from Tristan A small flock of around 15 Crossbills was in the castle grounds this afternoon. They're the first I've seen here since June.
  3. Hawkeye

    National Rarity 8th November 2020

    Western Isles / Outer Hebrides bird sightings for today, 8th November 2020. Updated throughout the day Ness, Isle of Lewis The ***Brown Shrike*** is present again this morning along the Cross Skigersta Road Langass Lodge, North Uist 18 Common Crossbills were there today Photo courtesy of and...
  4. Hawkeye

    16th October 2020

    Western Isles / Outer Hebrides bird sightings for today, 16th October 2020. Updated throughout the day Claddach Vallay, North Uist A Mistle Thrush and a Blackcap were seen there today. Rubh' Arnal, North Uist Six Pale-bellied Brent Geese were there and circa 14 Lapland Buntings were between...
  5. Common Crossbill

    Common Crossbill

    Common Crossbill, Barra, 2020. (C) Bruce Taylor
  6. A

    8th July 2020

    Rose-coloured starling still at Ardvule this morning though mobile with starling flocks. Also a nice adult little gull there with c20 1st summer Arctic terns and 10 1st summer knot. cheers, Andrew
  7. Hawkeye

    5th July 2020

    Western Isles / Outer Hebrides bird sightings for today, 5th July 2020. Updated throughout the day Skigersta, Isle of Lewis The two Rose-coloured Starlings were present there again today plus three still at Cross. Another is nearby in Port of Ness Breanish, Isle of Lewis A Rose-coloured...