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Eyes and Ears Everywhere
Feb 7, 2017
Borve, Berneray
The *Common Crane* and *Snow Goose* were seen on the machair there today

Ness, Isle of Lewis
A single Snow Bunting was in the Cross area today

Tiumpan Head, Isle of Lewis
2 Iceland Gulls (adult and immature) were there this morning. 6 adult Lesser Black-backed Gulls were on Loch na Tiumpan in the afternoon.

Balranald, North Uist
The small Canada Goose was again there today.

Grenitote, North Uist
A hybrid Canada x Barnacle Goose was seen with Barnacle Geese this morning.

DW-XnOqXUAEArBN.jpg DWufdWnW0AAFiEH.jpg DWufXzaXUAATXui.jpg
Single Snow Bunting courtesy of Sam Hawkins. Crane & Snow Goose courtesy of Eilidh Carr