SBRC Latest SBRC decisions - August 2017

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  • Would members please give due consideration when thinking about posting information and sightings relating to Schedule 1 species during the breeding season. Records of these species thought to be breeding can be submitted privately to the county bird recorder via email to


OH Bird Recorder
Feb 5, 2017
So far this year (2017) the Scottish Birds Records Committee (SBRC) have made the following rarity decisions for birds recorded here in the Outer Hebrides

Glossy Ibis, Allasdale, Barra, 30/08-01/09/2015, Accept, 1cy

Little Bunting, Creachan, Breibhig, Barra, 10/10/2016, Accept, 1cy

Little Bunting, Skallary, Barra, 04/11/2016, Accept, unaged

Olive-backed Pipit, Ardmhor, Barra, 06/10/2016, Accept, unaged

White-rumped Sandpiper, Iochar, South Uist, 01/06/2016, Accept, adult

Citrine Wagtail, Stinky bay, Benbecula, 26/09/2016, Accept, 1cy

Little Bunting, North Locheynort, 17/10/2016, Accept, unaged