• Please be aware that avian influenza has been confirmed in the Western Isles. Great Skua and Gannet are the worst affected currently but a range of other bird species can be infected. Please avoid contact with dead birds, give sick and dying birds space, keep dogs on leads and report all instances of five or more dead birds of one species to Defra (03459 335577).

  • When here in the Outer Hebrides and looking at a bird, have you ever wondered how rare it is? The status of all species can vary enormously from island to island. How rare is Shoveler on Barra, has Stock Dove been seen on Harris, does Dotterel occur on Benbecula in the autumn, and how common is Blue Tit on North Uist? Well, fret no longer! The Status and Distribution of birds here on the Outer Hebrides has been completely updated and summarised for every species and each of the main islands and outliers. Available as an online resource at https://status.outerhebrides-birdreports.org/ or via our shop

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colour ring sightings

  1. MisterT

    Recent colour ring sightings and ringing recoveries

    A colour ringed Redshank seen at Frobost, South Uist on 21-April-2022 was indeed a long-lived bird with quite a remarkable history. It was originally ringed at Kinneil on the Inner Firth of Forth on 17-November-2008, aged at the time as a first calendar year. It was one of a small number of...
  2. MisterT

    Askernish Sparrows - 2021

    2021 was a bumper year for our House Sparrows with 404 birds colour ringed, double our previous best. Unusually, new birds were ringed throughout the year including October to December, (32 in November is unprecedented) something that has not happened before and there are still a number of...
  3. MisterT

    Recent colour ring sightings and ringing recoveries - October to December 2021

    2 recent reports of birds ringed here in Askernish and found elswhere involved a Lesser Redpoll ringed on 23-May this year controlled (caught and released) at Icklesham, Sussex on 23-October, a distance of 874km and a duration of 153 days. The other was a very fortunate Goldfinch, ringed here on...
  4. MisterT

    Recent ringing and colour ring sightings - July to September 2021

    A Storm Petrel caught and released on South Uist on 2nd July had been ringed the previous year also in the July at Noss Head, Wick, a duration of 353 days and a distance of 292km. I think that we can safely assume it didn't travel overland.
  5. YvonneB

    Recent ringing and colour-ringed sightings - January to May 2021

    The two Greenland White-fronts with neck collars that I saw yesterday 1st April 2021:- Both birds had previously been seen associating with each other (I couldn’t get the full letters/number of one of the birds but 2 out of three got a result). Amazingly they had both been caught and ringed in...
  6. MisterT

    Colour-ringed Sightings - Make Them Count

    Over the years, it has long been a concern that many sightings of colour ringed birds seen here in the Outer Hebrides have not appeared in the BTO’s annual recovery totals. While individuals are encouraged to investigate the origin of these birds to a successful conclusion with the project...