11th January 2021

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Eyes and Ears Everywhere
Feb 7, 2017
News from Tristan:-

Late this afternoon there were two Iceland Gulls (3cy and adult) near the Iolaire Monument (Beasts of Holm) east of Stornoway.

Earlier in the day, still a Little Grebe in Stornoway inner harbour, and 3 Siskins at the main entrance to Stornoway Castle Grounds.
Likes: John Hansford

Chris Johnson

Senior Member
Feb 11, 2017
A large flock of twites passed our lounge window in the gloomy mist, quite evocative. Very difficult to accurately estimate but certainly no less than 600.
Over the last two weeks a similar size flock has been on the Ardivachar machair.
Likes: John Hansford