Local Rarity 20th December 2017

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Senior Member
Feb 25, 2017
On Barra today, juvenile Iceland gulls were at Ardveenish and Traigh Mhor. 58 brent geese were also at Traigh Mhor. Over the last couple of winters this flock of brents have disappeared in late Dec/early Jan before numbers build up again in late Feb. It'll be interesting to see if the same happens this year. As others have recently commented, there seems to be more meadow pipits around this winter along with more skylarks and redwings.


Always Birding
Feb 6, 2017
A Little Egret was again at Loch na Liana Moire, Frobost today. I reckon that there must be 2 birds here as I regularly see one at both Frobost and Hallan on alternate days but I have not yet seen both on the same day. A Water Rail was in Bills Garden this morning.

Song Thrush


Senior Member
Feb 7, 2017
Four Pintail (one ♂) were on Loch nam Feithean, North Uist this morning.
_DSC1466.JPG Corn Bunting still showing remnants of juvenile plumage.