Mega!!! 22nd June 2017

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Senior Member
Feb 25, 2017
It's been an incredible day on Barra. At around 10.05 this morning I found a white-throated needletail (or needle-tailed swift in old money) at Glen. Initially it was feeding over the hillside above the house but soon came down to feed at very close range around and over the small copse. At times it was passing within 5 feet of us. It was still present at midday but disappeared soon after. We couldn't relocate it this afternoon despite our best efforts, though it could still be on the island. At around 3.30 this afternoon we found an adult rose-coloured starling in gardens near the cemetery at Eoligarry. The bird's head is rather stained from pollen. Also a house martin around Eoligarry.

Likes: Chris Johnson


Always Birding
Feb 6, 2017
After hearing the news of what Bruce had found at Gleann, Brian and I found ourselves on Barra by early afternoon. Unfortunately for us the swift was not seen again but Kathy did manage to find this Rose-coloured Starling at Eoligarry for us to enjoy. Our thanks to Bruce & Kathy for all their help.

Rose-colouredStarling1.jpg Rose-colouredStarling2.jpg Rose-colouredStarling3.jpg