• Please be aware that avian influenza has been confirmed in the Western Isles. Great Skua and Gannet are the worst affected currently but a range of other bird species can be infected. Please avoid contact with dead birds, give sick and dying birds space, keep dogs on leads and report all such instances to Defra (03459 335577). RSPB and Nature Scot are working together to collate all records of birds with suspected avian influenza on the islands. If you see a suspected case of avian influenza please email a record to robyn.stewart@rspb.org.uk, including date, species (if known) and location.
  • When here in the Outer Hebrides and looking at a bird, have you ever wondered how rare it is? The status of all species can vary enormously from island to island. How rare is Shoveler on Barra, has Stock Dove been seen on Harris, does Dotterel occur on Benbecula in the autumn, and how common is Blue Tit on North Uist? Well, fret no longer! The Status and Distribution of birds here on the Outer Hebrides has been completely updated and summarised for every species and each of the main islands and outliers. Available as an online resource at https://status.outerhebrides-birdreports.org/ or via our shop

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Western Isles / Outer Hebrides bird sightings for today, 21st July. Updated throughout the day

Hirta, St Kilda
The ***Snowy Owl*** and the Rose-coloured Starling were both seen there again today

Balranald, North Uist
Five Whimbrel and eight Black-tailed Godwits were on the reserve today

rosy starling st kilda.jpg
Rose-coloured Starling (C) Craig Nisbet
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Another 2 Storm Petrel sessions on South Uist saw 91 (24 + 67) new birds ringed plus another Leach's Petrel. We also had 2 controls within 10 minutes of each other with ring numbers only 36 apart! It turns out that both birds were ringed on 14th July 2021 at Mangerstadh, Lewis, just one hour apart from each other. Now after 7 sessions we have had 5 controls (birds ringed elsewhere - green on map) and 1 recovery (one of our birds found elsewhere - red on map)

stope control - mangersta.JPG Stope Controls & Recoveries.JPG


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I found a Subalpine Warbler species at Cuithir this afternoon. It was extremely elusive, seen fleetingly 4 times in 4 hours, the longest view was about 5 seconds. It wasn't heard to call at any point. This is the same clump of trees that hosted a singing male Eastern Subalpine Warbler on 30th May. We check the site on a daily basis and haven't seen it during the intervening period. I'm struggling to believe it could be the same individual, but equally I'm struggling to believe there's been two different Subalps in the same little clump in a little under two months!
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