28th July 2019

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Always Birding
Feb 6, 2017
The colour ringed Lesser Black-backed Gull that I found on Barra on 23rd July was originally ringed at Malaga, Spain in November 2018 as a 3CY male. It was seen in the same area several times after that until early November and not seen again until the sighting in Barra, 258 days later and 2,266 Km from where it was originally ringed [see map]

LBBGU history.JPG 20190723-IN8A1341colour ringed LBBGU.jpg
Sightings History
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Senior Member
Feb 25, 2017
3 Common Swifts flew out to sea at Earsary, Barra this morning. A juvenile Cuckoo was still at Brevig and the rain grounded hundreds of Dunlin around the island. The Common Sandpipers that have nested in front of my house look like they're ready to leave and have been calling constantly all evening. With the days rain now clearing and a light north-westerly tail wind blowing, I've a feeling they may be gone by morning.

DSCN0989 (2).JPG
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