Goldfinch Movements in Outer Hebrides

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Always Birding
Feb 6, 2017
As has been noticed in previous posts, birds such as Greenfinch, Goldfinch and Linnet have been on the increase in recent years. An indication of this are two recent recoveries of Goldfinch at Askernish, one in 2012 and the other this year which show how far they travel around Scotland

Adult Female - 29-Oct-2011 Montrose, Angus
Caught by Ringer - 26-Apr-2012 Askernish, South Uist 305 km 180 Days

Adult Male - 09-Feb-2017 Askernish, South Uist
Caught by Ringer – 29-Apr-2017 Melvich, Highland 257 Km 79 Days

See Map
Site S - Askernish, South Uist
Site A – Montrose, Angus
Site H – Melvich, Highland