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Jun 21, 2017
Have been spending a week on North uist followed by a week on Lewis. As usual, the wildlife has been wonderful and I've managed to improve my Curlew Sandpiper, Red necked Phalarope, Glaucous gull, Iceland gull and Short eared Owl photos collection☺. I'm posting mainly to report a couple of heronries. They're probably already known, but just in case:
The first is on south uist near Lochboisdale: Eileanan Iasgaich: NF791188. Minimum seven birds in three nests observed in low willow bushes, passing sticks and best building.
The second is in the Lochs area of Lewis, south west of Cromor: NB392198. Minimum 10 adults and six, well-grown, young in a very small copse consisting of spruce, rowan and elder alongside the road into the village.
Also report, now that I have internet. Great Northern Diver at Balranald and two Red throated Divers on a loch in North West Lewis. Regarding the two red throated, they were occupying different areas of, what is a large loch. I could see no interaction between them. Could it be that these were two males and that there are two females with nests in different parts of the loch? Is it likely that two pairs would share a large loch? I'd appreciate any insight, guidance regarding the red throated Divers. Apologies for the long email! Cheers.
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OH Bird Recorder
Feb 5, 2017
Hi @Stephen Kirkup thanks very much for the report of the heronry on Eileanan lasgaich, I should be able to add those to the BTO's Heronry Census once they have set that up as a site on their system. I believe that a colony had been reported from there way back in time but there has been no recent records from there :)

With regard to the one on Lewis I have made a note of that but you might like to let the BTO Regional Rep for Lewis and Harris, Chris Reynolds, know about that, i'll email you his details.