Surveys International Swan Census 2020 - January 11th/12th

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OH Bird Recorder
Feb 5, 2017
Whooper Swans

Thanks go to the many volunteer counters for the information. Your efforts, particularly in the current weather conditions are much appreciated!

  • 6 on Loch Tangasdale

South Uist
  • Smerclate to Daliburgh, 2 on Loch Hallan
  • Loch na Liana Moire, Frobost - 1
  • Loch Aird an Sgairbh, Milton - 7
  • 151 birds in total, from Howmore to Bornish, most were on the flooded north bit of Bornish machair and Ormiclate.
  • Lochs Grogarry, Stilligarry and Druidibeg were counted but I don't have the exact figures yet.
  • Loch Bee 20
  • Loch an Os - 6
  • Small loch near the South Ford 6 birds

  • Coot Loch, Lochs Mor and Fada were covered but I don't have the figures to hand
  • Loch Stiapabhat, Ness 4
  • Loch na Duine, Aird 5
  • Back Pools was going to be counted but I have no figures yet.
Great coverage considering there aren't too many of us here! :)

Family group of Whoopers today