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Recent ringing and colour-ringed sightings - January to May 2021


OH Bird Recorder
The two Greenland White-fronts with neck collars that I saw yesterday 1st April 2021:-

Both birds had previously been seen associating with each other (I couldn’t get the full letters/number of one of the birds but 2 out of three got a result). Amazingly they had both been caught and ringed in Iceland on the same day in Autumn 2017.

Bird 1 was caught Hvanneyri, West Iceland, autumn 2017, adult male and was present on the Wexford Slobs during winter 2017/18 and 2019/20, then 3rd November 2020 at Bridgend, ISLAY (in a flock of 90 birds), then my sighting, 31st March 2021 Askernish, SOUTH UIST (in a flock of 106 birds), associating closely with Bird 2

Bird 2 was caught Hvanneyri, West Iceland, autumn 2017, 1CY female present Wexford Slobs winter 2017/18 and 2019/20, then 3rd November 2020 at Bridgend, ISLAY (in a flock of 90 birds), then my sighting, 31st March 2021 Askernish, SOUTH UIST (in a flock of 106 birds), associating closely with Bird 1


OH Bird Recorder
Whooper Swan, Loch Bee, South Uist, 2nd March 2021

This bird was ringed as a female cygnet on 31st July 2016 in Skagafjordur, Iceland, this is the first sighting since ringing (thanks to WWT for the info).



OH Bird Recorder
Greylag Goose, Loch Branahuie, Lewis, 2nd April 2021

Very quick results from the enquiry about this bird that was reported today. Originally ringed at Dunrobin, Gospie as a 2CY male (age code 5) by Highland Ringing Group in January 2011. The bird has been sighted several times since and was recently overwintering in West Lothian.

Dunrobin, GolspieNC840108/01/2011v5male
Hestwall, Holm, OrkneyHY470215/02/2011vv6male
Crya, Orphir, OrkneyHY330515/11/2012vv6male
nr.Linlithgow, West LothianNT017807/11/2017vv6male
Newbigging Farm, Broxburn, West LothianNT067311/03/2021vv6male
Loch Branahuie, LewisNB473202/04/2021vv6male


OH Bird Recorder
Goldfinch, ringing recovery, Askernish, 4th March 2021

Originally ringed in Kent, it had travelled 818km to reach South Uist, but it had taken its time having originally been ringed on 6th November 2016, 1,578 days previously. It had only been seen on one other occasion before appearing here and that was at the same location in Kent a month after being ringed, 4th December 2016.



Always Birding
The colour ringed Oystercatcher seen on 02-April-2021 at Askernish was originally ring in Dublin Bay and was the first report of the bird since then

Oyc 966).JPG

IN8A4184 colour ringed oyc.jpg IN8A4185 colour ringed oyc.jpg IN8A4186.jpg colour ringed oyc.jpg


Eyes and Ears Everywhere
Black-tailed Godwit

A Black-tailed Godwit seen at Smerclete would appear to have avoided being seen for much of its life with 4 only since 2016

Blackwit smerclete.JPG


Always Birding
A Black-tailed Godwit, seen on Daliburgh machair on 26th April 2014 was originally ringed on 12th July 2012 in Skagafjarðarsýsla,Fljót,Stóra Holt, Iceland, and subsequently seen 193 times but never in Iceland or away from its preferred wintering areas of the Dee estuary (various locations), Mersey estuary (various locations), until now.

colour ringed black-wit DSCN0326.jpg


Always Birding
It has been very noticeable that there has been a marked increase in the number of Goldfinch visiting the garden here in Askernish during the winter months which has continued to the present day. Apart from one controlled in March (see earlier post above), another ringed in Askernish has been controlled at Hungladder, Skye. Originally ringed on 15th December 2020, it was controlled there on 1st April 2021, having travelled a distance of 79 km (49.9 miles), a duration of 107 days

goldf - highland recovery.JPG