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  • Would members please give due consideration when thinking about posting information and sightings relating to Schedule 1 species during the breeding season. Records of these species thought to be breeding can be submitted privately to the county bird recorder via email to

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Feb 5, 2017
We've developed an app that allows you to sign up and log in using your Facebook or Twitter account - this makes it very quick and easy for you.

We would advise though to pop into your profile and set a password in there too - this means that if there are any future problems with the Facebook/Twitter app (for instance they change their settings) you may not be able to log in that way. However, if you have a password set you will be able to log in in the traditional manner by entering your username and password.

Note: Even when signing up with Facebook or Twitter your account still needs to be authorised by an Admin so there may still be a slight delay in your account being activated (depending on whether the Admins are out birding or not...).
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