Some Recoveries and Sightings from 2016

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Always Birding
Feb 6, 2017
The following are some interesting recoveries and sightings that have been taken from the recently updated Ringing and Recoveries Report published on line by the BTO. They all relate to birds encountered in The Outer Hebrides during 2016.

There are very few recoveries of Red-throated Divers, so this record is of interest as it may show a possible wintering area for birds that breed on our islands.
Red-throated Diver
Nestling - 12-Jul-13 near Carnish, Lewis
Freshly dead - 22-Jan-16 Pomphlett Creek, Plymstock, Plymouth 888km 2y 6m 10d (See Map)

Similarly, Icelandic Oystercatchers movements are only now just becoming known. This bird ringed as a nestling was found on St Kilda.
Nestling - 02-Jun-10 Kaldrananeshr, Bakkagerdi, Strandasýsla, Iceland
Freshly dead - 07-May-16 St Kilda 1,103km 5y 11m 5d (See Map)

This Black-tailed Godwit was ringed in Kent, seen on our islands and again in France some time later after returning to its original ringing area.
Black-tailed Godwit
Adult Male - 09-Aug-13 Harty Marshes, Sheppey, Kent
Colour rings seen - 12-Aug-13 Oare, Kent 5km 0y 0m 3d
Colour rings seen - 20-Apr-14 Malacleit, Sollas, North Uist 878km 0y 8m 11d
Colour rings seen - 28-Jul-14 Oare, 5km 0y 11m 19d
Colour rings seen - 3-Nov-15 Mont-Saint-Michel, Manche France 350kmSW 2y 3m 4d (See Map)

The following 2 Turnstones were controlled on the same day at Stinky Bay, but their origins are completely different.
First-year - 21-Aug-05 Callantsoog, Noord-Holland The Netherlands
Caught by ringer - 13-May-16 Stinky Bay, Benbecula 926km 10y 8m 22d (See Map)

Adult Male - 19-Aug-12 Salinas Do Samouco, Setúbal Portugal
Caught by ringer -13-May-16 Stinky Bay, Benbecula 2,083km 3y 8m 24d (See Map)

This Dunlin recovery shows the epic journey that some birds undertake but who knows where it’s final destination would be.
Adult Female - 07-May-15 Stinky Bay, Benbecula
Caught by ringer - 07-Dec-15 Iwik, Parc National du Banc D'arguin, Mauritania 4,237kmSW 0y 7m 0d (See Map)

This recovery of a Puffin shows how long lived these birds can be but also that all birds do not necessarily travel south for the winter
Adult - 24-Jun-85 Garbh Eilean, Shiants
Freshly dead - 14-Feb-16 Kjollebergstranda, Farsund, Vest-Agder Norway 764km 30y 7m 21d (See Map)

The sighting of a colour ringed Common Tern in Stornoway Harbour is interesting enough when it is ringed in Dublin, but who knows where it has been in the mean time? In this case, it was controlled in Senegal a month earlier.
Common Tern
Second-year - 07-Sep-15 Sandymount Strand, South Dublin Bay, Dublin
Caught by ringer - 08-Apr-16 la Somone, Senegal 4,421km 0y 7m 1d
Colour rings seen - 10-May-16 Stornoway, Lewis 543km 0y 8m 3d (See Map)

There are very few recoveries of Meadow Pipits which makes this an exceptional record.
Meadow Pipit
Juvenile - 08-Aug-16 Askernish, South Uist
Caught by ringer - 08-Oct-16 South Walney, Barrow-in-Furness, 439km 0y 2m 0d (See Map)

Blackbirds are considered by most to be relatively sedentary. Not entirely true, as this record proves.
Adult Male - 21-Oct-13 Gearradubh, North Uist
Caught by ringer - 14-Nov-16 Stockholm Island, Pembrokeshire 655km 3y 0m 24d (See Map)

This last recovery of a White-tailed Eagle illustrates the dangers that wind turbines pose to large raptors
White-tailed Eagle
Nestling - 09-Jun-10 Site Confidential, Western Isles
Freshly dead - 27-May-16 Edinbane Wind farm, Skye, Highland 50km 5y 11m 18d

Colour ringed Common Tern, Stornoway Harbour