Some sightings from spring 2017

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Always Birding
Feb 6, 2017
After finding a few colour ringed birds this spring, I have now received the information on two birds which are as follows:-

A colour ringed Sanderling I saw on Askernish beach on 4th May 2017 was originally ringed as an adult in Gullbringu, Iceland on 17th May 2016. In the time between being ringed originally and my observation, it was seen 4 times in Finistere, France on the 16th & 28th September 2016, 26th October 2016 and the 6th January 2017. See Map
Duration 352 days Distance 1128 Km

A colour ring Oystercatcher I found on Daliburgh beach on 25th May 2017 was originally ringed as an adult at Booterstown, Dublin, Ireland on 26th February 2013. Since that time, it has been seen every year at Booterstown in the winter but this is the first record outside of Ireland. See Map
Duration 1550 Distance 435 Km

A colour ringed Sanderling I found today (29th July) on Askernish beach is part of the Icelandic project but it was ringed on its wintering grounds! The bird was ringed in Ghana on the 27th October 2014 as a first year bird. It was subsequently seen 5 times in the following 2 weeks and not again until 4th March 2016 in the same location. This is the only sighting since then. See map

DSCN0330ColourringedSanderling.jpg DSCN0477ColourringedOystercatcher.jpg DSCN0946ColourRingedSanderling.jpg