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Eyes and Ears Everywhere
Feb 7, 2017
News from Andrew

**Wilson’s Petrel** SE of Lochboisdale at c17:50 so probably in OH recording waters?

Bird was initially on the sea with a group of c30 Manxies and 8 stormies that flushed very close to the bow of the ferry and then within 10m of side of the ferry as it flew almost alongside briefly. Ideal comparison alongside stormies and bit of a surprise. Quite a few smallish groups of feeding seabirds (Manxies (low hundreds), gannet (low hundreds), Kitts, fulmars and a few stormies (30-40), a few bonxies and 3 Arctic skuas from west of Canna on the crossing. One of these groups just west of Canna had a minke whale and around 30 common dolphins too.