south uist

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  1. Greater Snow Geese

    Greater Snow Geese

    Greater Snow Geese © John Kemp
  2. Short-toed Lark

    Short-toed Lark

    Howmore, South Uist
  3. Great White Egret

    Great White Egret

    Loch Hallan, South Uist
  4. American Robin

    American Robin

    Found during a BTO Winter Thrushes survey at South Locheynort.
  5. American Robin

    American Robin

    Found during a BTO Winter Thrushes survey at South Locheynort.
  6. Gyr Falcon

    Gyr Falcon

    A great patch tick!
  7. Ruff


    This amazing male spent a few days on Askernish machair
  8. Bonapartes Gull

    Bonapartes Gull

    Self-found rarity :)
  9. Lesser Scaup

    Lesser Scaup

  10. YvonneB

    Mega!!! American Robin, South Uist, 21st November 2013 by Ian Thompson

    American Robin, South Uist 21st November 2013 Second record for the Outer Hebrides Article by @MisterT Thursday 21st November 2013 dawned and for once the weather forecast looked to be proven right, calm. “Calm” is a relative expression here as the previous 3 days had been particularly...
  11. YvonneB

    Scottish Rarity Serin, South Uist, 10th April 2014 by Yvonne Benting

    Serin 10th April 2014 A first for the Outer Hebrides by @YvonneB Having just returned home from a months birding holiday in Texas, enduring three flights, and an arduous 30 hour return journey with constant problems and suffering during the flights with a very painful inner ear problem, we...
  12. YvonneB

    National Rarity Bonaparte's Gull, South Uist, 2nd February 2013 by Yvonne Benting

    Bonaparte's Gull Near Stoneybridge, South Uist 2nd February 2013 by @YvonneB I was on my own and spending the morning surveying Howbeg to Bornish for the annual winter goose count, taking in all the side roads. I headed down to the Ard Michael cemetery and couldn’t resist popping in to a small...